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Floral Design

Folk and Flora uses in season, locally grown or ethically foraged flowers and foliage whenever available and processes which aim to protect the landscape and environment as much as possible. 

Contact me to plan florals for your special event or come to a workshop and learn to make your own. 

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The language, meaning, folklore and uses of plants and flowers were once common knowledge, but are now an obscure art. Folk&Flora infuses each arrangement, syrup and floral image with the meanings of the flowers used, their folklore and charm...

On the blog you will find in-depth posts covering the folklore, folktales and folk-uses of seasonal plants and flowers. 

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Floral Syrups

Brewed from foraged, seasonal plants, fruits and flowers Folk&Flora's small batch cocktail syrups will add a taste of wild Ireland to your cocktails, baking or cooking.  

Find recipes and uses on the blog and seasonal syrups in the shop (coming soon!)