Sloe Berry Margarita

November’s Moon is known as the Frost or Dark Moon, and so for November’s New Moon tomorrow I’ve made a Sloe Margarita as it is traditional to wait until the first frost to pick these berries and they grow on the dark branches of the Blackthorn tree.



1 1/2 oz Tequila

1/2oz Sloe Syrup (recipe on the Blackthorn Botanical Post below)


Fresh Lime Juice


Combine the ingredients in a shaker and shake over ice. Go easy on the lime as the syrup is tart. Serve in a salt rimmed glass. Enjoy. Xx

Cregagh Wood

Cushendun, County Antrim


This short woodland walk, near the picturesque seaside village of Cushendun, winds it’s way through mature native trees and a red squirrel hide and is one of my favourites.

To get there leave Cushendun along the Glendun Road, past the Caravan Park and continue for about a mile until you come to St.Patricks church on the left. Leave your car in the carpark here (please don’t park outside the forest, it’s a short walk and the cars block this tiny, well used rural road) and continue along the Glendun Road on foot. You’ll pass several houses along the way, until you come to a sign for the forest and a small iron gate set into a low stone wall. Enter via the gate (and be sure to close it behind you). From here there is a steep incline along natural paths into the woods. The way is little under a mile and you’ll be guided by way markers, at the end either drop down onto the road past the viewing hide and loop back to the Church or turn around and return the way you came (pro-tip; always choose the forest!)

About three quarters of the way along the trail you’ll spot the ruins of an old blacksmiths forge and a road, both now overtaken by the forest.

The trees near the end of the trail are dotted with red squirrel boxes and everywhere you can spot beautiful large leafed clover.

It’s well worth a wander before the winter blows the leaves away.